That fin goes unreal, I could tell the difference straight away. I really like it, especially on my backhand. I won 4 out of 5 local Boardrider’s contests on it.
Also surfed the 7" single fin in the State Single Fin Titles placing 2nd and it felt fast with good release off the top. 

Rob Hazelwood - Australian Single Fin Champion      


The fin is amazing!!  It gave my board instant acceleration and really freed up the turns. Just won a contest on it!... “MAGIC FIN”                             

Tim Moore - California, USA  


The speed and direction change it enables is exactly what you have described on the web site, that is what I was trying to describe to you, that it feels like for me. Everyone should have one!!! Also surfed the 8" single fin, in my 10'6" at Waimea Bay & Sunset Beach in 15ft, love the speed and drive it gives. 

Mark Glindeman - North Narrabeen & Hawaiian Big Wave Charger

WOW the fin goes so good. 1st place in the Wahu Groms and 1st place in the BL Blast-off – also a 3rd in the Skull Candy Groms Contest at Lennox Head, NSW.

                                                                                       JAI GLINDEMAN (NNBC)                                                         


Glad you got to check out the photos. LOVE the fin, Man!!

Tim Hogan - The Fin Project, Art & Story of the Surfboard Fin


Loved it. Easier to slide the tail, but hangs in well. Get asked a lot of questions on site and I tell them the details about it:                                                                          

Ben Nott - World Wide Mind, Co-Producer "Drift" The Movie

I usually use a smaller back fin so I found the fin to provide heaps of speed and Drive. Great down the line. Amazing!

                                                                                 FABIO DA SILVA - SNAPPER, GOLD COAST

Surfed the fin at 4-6ft in the Mentawais and it went really good. It felt great in the pocket with good release off the top.

Damien Hardman - World Junior Champion,  2 x ASP World Champion


Surfed it in waves 2ft to 6ft and it hung in off the bottom and top. Lent it to a few mates and they want one too.  I won’t be changing back to a standard fin.          

Matt Lawler - Surf School Instructor 


Goes unreal in my new board…I love it, use it all the time. Putting one in my big wave gun as well.                            

Lee Adams - Senior & Master's Champion (NNBC)


Wow! That fin looks cool. Send a photo of the fin to my son Joel, it will blow him away.                                                               

Terry Fitzgerald - Hot Buttered Surfboards


Mate I enjoyed surfing the fin. It feels fast, I really like it. Love it on a sucky left-hander.                                                      

Nathan Hedge - Former Top 10 ASP World Tour

Yeah, Da Fin! That looks cool!!!!                                         

Col Smith - Australian Champion, Australian Surfing Hall of Fame

That went unreal. It hangs in really good and its fun to surf with.

            Brett Bannister - Junior, Open & Senior Australian Champion, Runner up ISA World Titles

That fin feels good, it was loose and hung in off the bottom and top and fast down the line too. I really like it.      

                                    Rob Staniford - 2x QLD State Champion, Former Australian Titles Finalist                

Surfed it in solid 6ft + waves using Mick Fanning Side fins & Sea Juice tail fin and it felt fast down the line. Sensational, stoked!

Peter O'reily - Southern Phillipines (Secret Spot)

Used an 8" Sea Juice single fin at 15ft Sunset in my 8'6" Owl Chapman. Good drive off the bottom turn & maintains that speed off the top. Heaps better than my normal fin. It goes unreal, love it!

                                                                           Will Kernott (Bunter) - Sunset Beach, Hawaii